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How You Can Help

Young Stars Theatre is a theatre company that has been created to provide opportunities and training for young performers (and sometimes adults).  We rely on grants, donations, and program ads (see bottom of page) to keep our ticket prices low and to provide multiple performance opportunities.  Our donors will receive special mention in show programs, as well as future benefits as our theatre expands.  If you would like to help continue to provide young performers a place to hone their craft in a supportive environment, your donation is much appreciated!

Please support our GiveSmart to keep YST around!

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Thank You to our YST Donors!

Supporters                         Angels                         Guardians                         Producers

Yukiko Elegino

The Hovind Family

The Burke Family

The McLaughlin Family

Fionn James / Kenneth Yapkowitz

The Bovelli Family

Helena Jacobson

Terre and Long Nguyen

Karen and Steve Blume

Jane Henriksen

The Lester Family

The Barr family

The Shippey Family

I would like to become a:  

Supporter - $25-199      Angel - $200-499      Guardian - $500-999     Producer - $1000+


ANY donation amount is VERY appreciated!

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Thank you for your donation!

Program Ads

Thank you so much for your help!  The actors that you are helping truly appreciate it.

And we would love to have you come see the shows!!

To see a sample program in .pdf format, click here

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