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Audition, rehearsals and performances at

The Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena

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Please read all info carefully before registering.

Entry into each workshop session is by audition only. Each workshop session will consist in studying and participation in a full Theatre performance. Each performer will get to perform their role in the entire production with 8-16 performances over 4 weekends.


By the way, we cast first-timers in almost every show, so if this your first time auditioning for us (or for anything!), don't worry!  We'll help you have your best audition!


Non-members $300  ($125 audition deposit, $175 workshop tuition)

YST Members $250 ($125 audition deposit, $125 workshop tuition)


Auditions for the musical will be held in a 2 hour block where each auditioner will get to sing, dance and read from sides in consideration for that show's full production workshop.

ALL auditioners will pay a deposit with the registration form below.  This deposit is non-refundable except under the conditions listed under "After the audition" below.

Next Audition Days and Times 

The actor will stay the entire 2 hour block of time.


Video Audition

If you are interested in auditioning but are not available for this date and time, after you register, there are instructions on how to do your Video Submission in the Audition Info email. In person is best, but if there's just no way you can, that's another option. However, you can't audition for more than one show in a row via video. We feel the live audition is a great experience and we want everyone to experience it whenever possible. First preference is given to live auditioners.

Please check your availability against the schedule below before requesting a time slot!

If cast, we will only excuse you from rehearsals with conflicts that you list BELOW today. Please remember that the fewer conflicts you have, the better chance you have at being cast.

Production Schedule:

Rehearsals -

See registration form below

Mandatory Tech Rehearsals

See registration form below

Production Dates

After the audition:
Generally within a week after the final audition day you will receive an email letting you know if you are accepted into the workshop production.

1) If you are invited into the workshop CONGRATULATIONS!  At that time, on receipt of the casting email, the remainder of tuition is due.

2) If you are not cast and invited into the workshop you will be refunded the deposit and we encourage you to audition again in the future.

3) If you are offered a role that you stated on your audition form that you would accept, but then choose not to participate, your audition deposit is non-refundable as we will use that for the time and resources we will need to use to recast the role.


To register, fill out the registration form below and click "Submit" to pay the audition deposit.

Once that is paid, you will receive a confirmation email with sides info and all of the information you need to have a wonderful audition.


A few FAQ's:

Can my friends and siblings audition?

YES - just forward them this web page address:


What ages are you looking to cast?

18 and Under

What roles are available?


If you receive an error message after submitting, make sure you have filled in all required blanks. If you receive an error message more than once, and have verified that all blanks are filled, please email us directly at :

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